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Deceuninck PVC windows and doors provide a perfect balance between energy efficiency.

Silver Frost

Silver Frost’s indoor & outdoor living solutions are designed & created in par with modern lifestyle and contemporary ideologies. The UPVC products are in compliance with global standards and justify the purpose of its installation. They are fused with some unique attributions and qualities.

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Uniquely Silver Frost
  • Resistance
    The steadiness of these products exhibits resistance towards extreme temperatures, wind pressure, water penetration and termites. The products have been proved to stay unaltered under varied temperature and humidity condition. The rock steady frames, supported by central support casement, can easily withstand the windy weather. With fine finished edges and tight joints, the structures allow zero opportunity for water to penetrate. Developed with a patent compounds and coatings, these products are 100 % resistant to termites.
  • No Maintenance
    These highly sophisticated window & door solutions prove to be the most cost-effective installations due to their almost zero maintenance cost. The coating of the products is highly protective against temperature, water or humidity. The fixtures are conceptualized with high quality standards, ensuring durability. A regular cleaning with wipes will rejuvenate the look & feel of these structures.
  • Security
    For high quality security assurance, these window & door structure are smartly crafted, ensuring stability and reliability. Expressly designed fixtures & glazing enhance the quality standards of the products. With the intellectuality of our installation planners & executors, we provide the best window & door structures
  • Insulation
    For a comfortable living and enhanced privacy, it becomes very imperative to shield the room from the noise and temperature exchange. The products are modernized with highly efficient sound and heat resistant insulations, both on the frames and the glass.
  • Performance
    The products deliver superior performance standards with flame retardant qualities, ceasing the spreading of the fire to doors & windows. They are performance finesse, which have the proven records of atleast 40 years’ durability.

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